North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020
29-31 MAY 2020
The Coronavirus pandemic has changed our lives dramatically in just two months. Businesses, communities and our way of living is not like it used to be. In the North Atlantic Corona Challenge we challenge you to develop your best idea to save lives, businesses and communities in our North Atlantic region.
Organised by Nordic Atlantic Cooperation (NORA) and Highlands and Islands Enterprise (HIE).

Opening webinar - Live streaming 29 May 2020
The opening webinar of the North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020 with keynote speaker Heini Zachariassen. Hosts: Jákup Justinussen and Øystein Andresen.
Closing webinar - Live streaming 31 May 2020
The closing webinar of the North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020 with the four winning projects presented by judge chair Christian Wennecke. Hosts: Jákup Justinussen and Øystein Andresen.
WINNERS - DKK 30,000
The winners of the North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020 were Shop with Me - Samuel Warnock and Rachael Bews from Scotland.
The runners up in the North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020 were ParentEd - Daniella Levins, Heather Thomson, Egill Anton Hlöðversson, Savanna Laing from Scotland and Iceland.
The second runners up in the North Atlantic Corona Challenge 2020 were Medical Images Diagnosis With Artificial Intelligence DIMAI - Safa Jemai, Diego Balanos Pardo, Jhonatan David Geraldo Rodriguez, Martin Gonzales Cuevas, Roberto Escoria from Iceland.
The winners of the support package from Highlands and Islands Enterprise were Tour'st - Nicolai Jensen, George O'Brien, and Susie Morton from Scotland and the Faroe Islands.
Some of the other entries can be found below
The hackathon focuses on three main themes

Coronavirus is a threat not only to our physical health – especially for our most elderly and fragile citizens; it can also cause mental health issues and other illnesses as people are less likely to seek medical help during the Covid-19 pandemic. Lockdowns and isolations can be a real struggle to people in our most rural and remote areas.

We need solutions on how to overcome long distances to access medical and social care; how to protect our most vulnerable people; how to address loneliness and mental health issues due to isolation; how to support families through lockdowns and abusive relationships during the pandemic.


The pandemic is having a real impact on our rural economies – our businesses, especially thosein tourism, services and food and drink industries are struggling. The markets and supply chains are disrupted by closures and lockdowns. Small and micro companies and self-employedare unable to survive. Adapting to post-corona times will also be a challenge.

We need solutions on how to operate a safe business whilst practicing social distancing; how todiversify and innovate; how to reconfigure premises and production lines to ensure safety in the new environment.


Social distancing is preventing us from spending time with friends and families. Birthday partiesand weddings are cancelled or postponed. Sporting activities and social events are banned. Schools and nurseries are closed. A lot of people are working from home and isolating.

We need solutions on how to support citizens in rural areas with getting essential shopping; how to help parents working from home and balancing work, care and homeschooling responsibilities; how to support communities with their response to the pandemic.

We welcome all participants from Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Scotland and Coastal Norway (counties bordering the Atlantic Ocean). Especially young people between 18 and 30 years of age are encouraged to join. All backgrounds are relevant - the main point about North Atlantic Corona Challenge is your idea!
The project needs to create new solutions or apply existing solutions in a new, innovative way
The project must be realistic in terms of the legal, technological and scientific aspects of the solution. It should be possible to realize the project within a few months (exceptions can be made for particularly impactful solutions with a long-term perspective)
The project should make a real difference in the struggle to help local communities and/or companies in the North Atlantic region. It should make a significant positive change for a large number of people or for businesses particularly affected by the corona virus
The project should be demand-led and with a commercial potential
1st prize

30,000 DKK
2nd prize

20,000 DKK
3rd prize

10,000 DKK
Highlands and Islands Enterprise´s (HIE) entrepreneurship support to the winning team with a Highlands and Islands participant (up to 2 days of the most appropriate business development support)
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If you have questions about the event, you can contact Mr Øystein Andresen at NORA.
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